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Ai-Ed the Future of Education using Artificial Intelligence.

Children's Education Television a leader in promoting equality in education is developing, a web portal to enhance artificial intelligence in education with companies that are using machine learning algorithms, programs that glean patterns from data and provide insights and suggestions, to help teachers educate students.

In each city, we are seeking teacher/tutors who wish to participate in the creation of future tools with a focus on the future of artificial intelligence in education.

As a teacher you will be inspirational in the future of A.I. by suggesting the development direction and data to help computers to learn and develop new tools to help educators with new powerful tools to relieve you from redundant tasks. 


Artificial Intelligence can be your perfect assistant giving you more time to do the things that your are best suited to.


Word of mouth is very important. So we ask you to share our website with at least three other teachers. Teachers whom you feel would be interested in our project. All we expect is that you ask them to check out our project website. 


Thank You.

Artificial Intelligence education is blind to race, ethnicity, status, and religion isn't that worth supporting.
Support higher wages for teachers.
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