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The Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship fund is wonderful. It goes well beyond helping parents and students with financial difficulties to receive tutoring benefits. It is unique in that it also supports teachers who have students that they wish to help but can not afford the time to offer free tutoring because of their own financial situation. With the Scholarship fund, they can recommend a less fortunate child for a scholarship and if approved the teacher gets paid by the fund to help the child in need.

If you are fortunate enough please support our Scholarship fund with your financial gift. All contributions are tax-deductible. 

Often I ask myself as others have asked me. Why should I donate time, money or effort to move any project forward? All I can say is that your contribution to our project will be respected and used with great care to ensure that we make every effort to reach our goal

to expand the educational opportunities for children.

 Roy Webb, Director

Artificial Intelligence education is blind to race, ethnicity, status, and religion isn't that worth supporting? 


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At Children's Education Television we see a remarkable opportunity in the potential of artificial intelligence in education.  As we continue our mission to educate children we are very excited about 5G technology and AI in education and you should be too!

Would you like to support our movement as an influencer? Please take time to promote our effort on your social media. It will be a BIG help!

Also, send us an email. If you prefer contact via text or phone call just let us know in your choice in your email. Email to:

Do you have the financial ability to become a benefactor? If yes please send us an email. If you prefer contact via text or phone call just let us know in your email message. Thanks! Email to:


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