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Open a child's mind with your heart and you open a mind to the future.

At Children's Education Television (CETV) we see a remarkable opportunity in 5G technology and artificial intelligence for education.  As we continue our mission to educate children we are very excited about the possibilities of AI in education and you should be too!

The opportunity to utilize the incredible potential of artificial intelligence to educate our children is at our feet. However, we desperately need your help as well as the help of those companies at the forefront of research. Our goal is to bring together the talents of educators and technologists to cooperate in developing this fantastic opportunity.


Our new dedicated web-portal  has the goal to expand the tools available to tutors using artificial intelligence and 5G capability. Many time-intensive and repetitive tasks can be delegated to Ai-Ed freeing up time to teach more students.


We hope you will join us on this wonderful new journey to bring better education to children everywhere the Internet can be accessed.


CETV's goal is to bring equal education to every child everywhere.  Together we achieve our goal to educate the children of the world.

If you are fortunate enough please support this effort with your financial gift. As a not-for-profit, contributions are tax deductible. 


Children have a right, as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, to receive education, and early childhood education (ECE) must be considered part of this right. CETV and Education International strongly believe that early childhood education is of great value to all children and should be available to all. It provides a sound basis for learning and helps to develop skills, knowledge, personal competence and confidence and a sense of social responsibility. Therefore, every child should have access to early education of good quality. We can achieve this goal!

Artificial Intelligence education is blind to race, ethnicity, status, and religion isn't that worth supporting.
Support higher wages for teachers.
Since 2002 our goal has been consistent to bring education to every child on the planet. Today, we see Artifical Intelligence and 5G Internet as a way we can bring our goal to fruition. We ask you to support this remarkable technological opportunity, please give what you can. With your help we can reach our goal.

  This response was to the question, Does anyone do volunteer work with underprivileged children? What's it like? I'm considering volunteering myself in the near future.

  We loved this answer because we know tutoring offers the same potential even for high school students like Jillian as tutors.

  I used to volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters at a charter school near me.  I had a Little Sister named Crystal, an incredibly sweet little girl who was clearly pretty bright and capable in every way.  Every time we met we would do homework, play games, talk about family, friends, life, etc.  My goal was to be her friend and mentor and to push her to challenge herself and strive towards her fullest potential as much as possible.  At the same time, she was as supportive of me as I was of her as I moved through high school and into college.


  But the defining moment was at the end of my years with her, when I had to move to the East Coast, towards the end of our school years.  That day, she ran out to meet me shouting, "Guess what!  Guess what!" when I arrived.  She was holding a folder of papers and I obviously had no guesses so let her elaborate.  She looked up at me, eyes bright and smile wide, and told me that her teachers had nominated her for a scholarship to attend a good private middle school and she had gotten it. 


  To be honest, when hanging out with her and her friends after school, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  Underprivileged children live the same kind of social life anyone else would - one filled with best friends and bullies and gossip and good and bad teachers.  One filled with running around and jumping rope and throwing balls and hopscotch.  One filled with laughter, anger, and tears. indelible and indescribable happiness right there, such a pure emotion that I have never seen in anyone else, ever.


  She couldn't go.  Even despite the scholarship, her family couldn't afford to send her there due to both personal and financial reasons.  I still remember her disappointment.  She tried to mask it as best as possible with distractions and smiles and shrugs, but underneath her strength ran a barely distinguishable note of sadness that I can't shake off.


  This was a humbling event in my life.  I had known my circumstances were good, but this gave me a real-life perspective. All my life I had essentially taken for granted all that I was given - a steady family with a relatively fortunate financial situation.  I was pretty spoiled, and in fact, I'm pretty sure Crystal was a bit too by her mom.  But the difference was that when things came down to it, no matter what, I still had more stability, more opportunities, than Crystal had access to, and that was painful to realize.  


  She was so filled with hope and wonder and joy, and so bravely met with these crushing obstacles; I don't think I've ever seen her highs and lows and resilience anywhere else.


  The best thing about the U.S. is that there are such opportunities available.  The worst is that not everyone can take advantage of them.  I want Crystal to be able to meet her potential - and she has so much - and I hope that she will.


Jillian Liu

Children's Education Television Network

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