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Hello... I would like to tell you a little about our website.

    At Children's Education Television we see a remarkable opportunity in the integration of Artificial Intelligence and education.  As we continue our mission to educate children we are very excited about 5G technology and AI in education and you should be too! We are seeking teachers/tutors who wish to join in the creation of the future of artificial intelligence in education.

Artificial Intelligence + 5G + Student + Teacher = Success

To view a PBS Nova Wonders special to better understand this unique opportunity to change the world of education.

   Since our inception 17 years ago, our goal has been to bring educational equality to all children. The focus of the Children’s Educational Television Network (CETV) is an equal opportunity in education for all children. Now, as we continue into the future we know Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) holds an important place for education in that future. Our goal with A.I. is not to replace our educators but to enhance their abilities, skills, and interactions with their students using artificial intelligence. In C.E.T.V.’s opinion, the human touch, focus, and understanding provided by quality educators cannot and will not be replaced by A.I.  A.I. can be the most powerful tool for teachers and children.

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