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Ai-Ed the Future of Education using Artificial Intelligence.
The Future Now!


The focus of The Children's Education Television Network is equal education for all and as we continue into the future we know artificial intelligence offers an important value for education in that future.


Our goal with A.I. is not to replace our educators but by adding artificial intelligence to enhance their interactions, abilities, and skills with their students. In our opinion, the personal touch, focus, and understanding of quality educators cannot and will not be replaced by artificial intelligence.




There has been a significant increase in AI technology enablers. For instance, today’s AI applications can make use of virtually unlimited cloud processing and ever greater levels of computational efficiency. Add the low cost of data storage and the emergence of open source frameworks the possibilities of artificial intelligence combined with 5G technology, and you’ve got a uniquely potent combination of technologies and capabilities.


And that combination and the emerging 5G technology the real potential of AI in education begins now. Virtually all the leading technology giants around the world—Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Baidu, Alibaba, Cognii, Tencent—along with many others, are all sharply focused on AI. 

Artificial Intelligence offers a unique set of tools to guide teachers, tutors, to greater success with students. As we venture into the future we have a growing need for tutors willing to investigate the potential of artificial intelligence. At this time Children's Education Television is willing to cover the cost to build your new tutoring business on our new web portal 


In each city, we are seeking teacher/tutors who wish to create a tutoring business with a focus on the future of artificial intelligence in education. This is your opportunity to participate in a business future.


At this time, CETV covers the major investment for your new business start-up hosted by us, which includes your business booking and billing systems, business webpage set-up, and design costs, your students progress tracking. All development fees are included at this time saving you thousands of dollars. 

Support higher wages for teachers

VOTE TO SUPPORT Teacher/tutors in FAVOR of Artificial intelligence in

 education. YOUR vote COUNTS! 

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