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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For businesses to capitalize on the opportunities AI provides and maximize its returns, organizations must be able to identify an AI opportunity, build a roadmap to move from concept to implementation, and use AI as part of their core business. For example, AI can be used to rethink how business decisions are taken, how customer interactions are conducted, how resources are allocated, and how supply chains are managed. AI can also help target customer segments and optimize marketing campaigns. AI tools, such as natural language processing, can turn customer feedback into actionable insights that can help address customer concerns, gain intelligence on their current sentiment, and improve customer experience.


Companies are also exploring the use of AI-driven automation, robotics and robotics process automation to drive efficiency and cost savings. AI-driven automation and robotics process automation will automate certain tasks, while still allowing human agents to provide the customer service and experience needed. Finally, deep learning, a type of AI, is being used to help detect fraud, identify best-selling products, and develop more efficient production and delivery cycles. 


AI has the potential to drastically change the way businesses and industries operate. However, to realize the benefit of AI, organizations must focus on the value of the AI and not just the technology. Organizations must also build a roadmap to move from concept to implementation and understand how AI can be used as part of the core business. Organizations should also take a thoughtful approach to harnessing the power of AI and deploying it in an ethical and responsible manner.

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