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We are so excited for our 5 Star Award Winners!

   They have joined the ranks of the Best of the Best! Our readers and our research come together to rank each winner so you can enjoy the highest value, quality, and service in cities as you travel or in the city you live in. Calendar Magazine is where you find the "Best of the Best".

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best. Oscar Wilde

  On many review sites when searching on mobile most people search with a question like "find me an Italian restaurant near me" Those results then require researching all the numerous results to try to understand if a restaurant is even good.

  On mobile, this is often very time consuming and confusing. Facts show that most people make their choice by star ratings. Calendar Magazine works in reverse. You start your search with the "best of the best" restaurants. that have been awarded our "5 Star Rating" so you can expect true value, quality, and service every time!

  With our search results and "one touch dialing" with directions you have the fastest way to find the best Italian restaurant in your area. You know the restaurant is worth driving the extra distance to have a great experience at a fair price.

   We have proved, that  our focused mobile app display gives mobile users a positive mobile experience. That works to ensure they will come back to Calendar Magazine's app when searching for the best.

"As nobody wants "not so good"!

  So join those smart searchers who use Calendar Magazine to find and enjoy the  "BEST OF THE BEST"!

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Calendar Magazine's search results are based upon Value (fair prices) Quality (good food) and Service (you feel special).


Our "Best of the Best" represents the places where your will find quality and true value. 

The main convenience of Calendar Magazine is to make your mobile search for the best restaurant in a city extremely easy to find.

 Often we are asked, how do we give a 5 Star rating? Our ratings are based upon three things, Quality, Value, and Service. Our readers are frequently the starting point as they suggest their favorite spots. Calendar Magazine then does our own research and that is often combined.

  An award is given sometimes because the food is good and the price is really great! Other factors could be a really great location, view or another unique factor. One thing is sure, everything on Calendar Magazine is the "best of the best" for value, quality, and service.

  Statistics show that mobile users expect a very fast search and features like, "one touch dialing" with directions in a clear display or they will leave a site in seconds.

  Just as important, is that search results are limited to fit the size of a mobile display to limit scrolling.  Our search results are limited to just ten results in a category.

  As customers don't want to evaluate a long list of results on small mobile screens. We only show the "best of the best" on our mobile search results.

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