Love and Solidarity with all who grieve because of hateful acts.

Love is an intangible that exists in each of us. It is so wonderful because we can share it.

Resort and Travel is a travel magazine, first and foremost, with our stated goal to inspire travel. We do that in two main ways, with stories that we hope inspire a desire to travel and by searching hundreds of travel sites to ensure our readers are able to find and book the best travel values when they are ready to travel. A prime example is our airline booking partner. They search up to 100x more low fare options that others miss and offer Price Drop Payback. If fares drop after you purchase, they will credit you back the difference.

The original reason for the creation of our publication and website was a personal love of travel. Our staff is united in the sincerity to expand travel opportunities because we know that travel expands the mind and often creates the opportunity to share love and that reduces the hate in the world.

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